About Simone Wu

As the Senior Content Editor for Asia Pacific at PageGroup, Simone Wu has been pivotal in strategising and implementing content solutions across 12 diverse markets in APAC. Her approach seamlessly blends data-driven strategies with creative storytelling, ensuring content adheres to SEO best practices while aligning with business goals. 

Simone's responsibilities extend beyond crafting engaging blog content; she handles the writing, editing, and proofreading of various external communications, including survey reports, salary guides, and thought leadership articles. This diverse work highlights her dedication to editorial excellence and in-depth understanding of the APAC market. 

Her extensive experience was further enriched in her past decade-long career in media publishing, where she managed and evolved content for both print and digital formats of women's magazines at various publishing houses in Singapore. 

With nearly 20 years in content creation, Simone continues redefining content excellence, establishing herself as a subject matter expert in content strategy and editorial leadership.