Connecting returning Vietnamese to some of Vietnam’s largest organisations

Returning Vietnamese Michael Page

Globalisation has made the world a much smaller place than ever before. As an active business entity in Vietnam, Michael Page, too, would like to assist and support Vietnamese working abroad who are looking to return home and gain strong footholds in the country’s burgeoning economy. 

By tapping our knowledge, expertise and global network, the Về Nhà Đi Thôiprogram connects Vietnamese returnees to some of the largest, most established brands and businesses in Vietnam. This means better, more targeted job placements for returning professionals, as well as a more robust, more fulfilling career back home. 

Why Vietnamese are coming home

 Contribute knowledge and skills in new areas of growth Be closer to their elderly 
parents and family
 Build capability in 
Vietnam economy

It’s a great time to start their journey home

Cross-cultural awareness 
One highly sought-after trait is cross-cultural awareness that overseas returnees possess. This unique skill can help improve existing business processes and be translated into business value. 

Career growth  
Great opportunity to grow careers in technology, consumer products and manufacturing as Vietnam becomes a key market for global MNCs. 

Premium salary   
Companies are typically willing to pay a 20% salary premium for returnees immigrating back home. 

Talent in demand  
A rise in CXO positions in both local conglomerates and MNCs across various sectors and industries.

Skills Advantage   
Stakeholder management skills gained overseas will have a strong advantage due to the lack of such expertise in the local talent pool. 

Led with local expertise  

The Về Nhà Đi Thôi  campaign is led by our Michael Page team based in Vietnam, who has extensive experience sourcing talent locally, regionally and globally. On top of that, 85% of our consultants are either overseas returnees themselves, or have extensive experience working with returning Vietnamese. Therefore, we understand your job-seeking requirements and are well-positioned to facilitate a successful job match for you with Vietnam's most prominent companies.

Get started with your move home by contacting us. Returnees who have settled back in Vietnam can also apply. Submit your CV now.