Why did you join PageGroup and what your current role is?

I joined PageGroup in the UK and was part of the Nottingham Procurement and Supply Chain launch as I was keen to move into a more commercial role while still having some connection to my supply chain experience. I am currently a Director in our business in Malaysia where I oversee three teams – engineering & manufacturing, procurement & supply chain and property & construction.

How did/have your past experience(s) helped you in your current role?

My experience was very relevant as for the first five years at PageGroup, I recruited for supply chain roles. I could understand the clients’ requirements quickly and have meaningful discussions with candidates.

Successes / achievements that you have accomplished during your time at PageGroup

I started in PageGroup in the UK and have since worked in both the Singapore and Malaysia offices. I have had considerable success in introducing technical disciplines to Michael Page’s Southeast Asian markets.

How have you grown with PageGroup?

I joined as a consultant with very little people management experience. This has since developed after joining PageGroup. I now manage three teams.  I have also gained a lot from the international exposure. I have been working in Asia since 2007 located in both our Singapore and Malaysia offices.

What are the most rewarding parts of your job?

It has evolved from the initial stages where it was about individual success and the entrepreneurial opportunity the job given to currently developing others and seeing them succeed.

What advice would you give to graduates who are looking to join the recruitment industry?

Understand what you are getting into. It is a fast paced, high energy job and expectations rise quickly as compared to conventional roles. You need to be confident and ambitious.